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Deck Builders
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The Higher Hands – Handyman – Deck Builders

Picture this: you’re dreaming of the perfect deck for your outdoor oasis, and you’re faced with the classic dilemma – should you go for the timeless charm of wood or the modern allure of Trex decks? Fear not! The Higher Hands – Handyman is here to guide you through this decking adventure with a touch of fun and expertise. We are YOUR Deck Builders!

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Helpful Deck Builders options:

  1. Framing Finesse:
    • Wood: The traditional choice. With wooden decks, think classic vibes and a natural aesthetic. The Higher Hands – Handyman excels in framing expertise, ensuring a sturdy structure that stands the test of time.
    • Trex: The modern marvel. Opt for Trex decks, and you’ll experience the future of decking. The Higher Hands – Handyman’s skilled team uses top-notch materials, ensuring your composite deck stays robust and beautiful.
  2. Rainy Days Safety Dance:
    • Wood: A dance with caution. Worried about slipping and sliding during rain showers? Wooden decks can get a bit slippery, but fear not! The Higher Hands – Handyman’s craftsmanship and sealant magic keep your wooden deck safe and stylish.
    • Trex: Traction triumph. Trex decks can get a bit slick too, but not to worry. The Higher Hands – Handyman recommends composite boards with groovy grooves for enhanced traction – a dance floor where you won’t miss a step!
  3. Mold-Free Magic:
    • Wood: Seal the deal. Wooden decks, with a little love and sealant, keep mold and mildew at bay. The Higher Hands – Handyman knows the secrets to maintaining a mold-free wooden deck, so you can enjoy your outdoor haven worry-free.
    • Trex: Low-maintenance wizardry. Trex decks, when regularly cleaned, stay mold-free too. The Higher Hands – Handyman makes sure your composite deck stays as fresh as the day it was born with minimal effort on your part.
  4. Colors Galore:
    • Wood: Paint your dreams. With wooden decks, you have the freedom to customize colors through staining or painting. The Higher Hands – Handyman encourages your artistic side to shine, making your deck as unique as you are.
    • Trex: Hues that refuse to lose. Trex decks offer a palette of vibrant, consistent colors. The Higher Hands – Handyman assures you that the color you choose will be the color you love for years to come.
  5. Aesthetic Adventure:
    • Wood: The authentic experience. Love the authentic charm of real wood? Wooden decks provide that warm, genuine vibe. The Higher Hands – Handyman crafts wooden decks with meticulous care, capturing the essence of nature in your backyard.
    • Trex: Seamless sophistication. If you crave a more modern, seamless look, Trex decks are your go-to. The Higher Hands – Handyman brings that contemporary touch to your outdoor space, creating a deck that’s as stylish as it is durable.
  6. Budget Bliss and Eco-Friendly Choices:
    • Wood: Wallet-friendly wonders. Wooden decks are often friendlier to your budget. The Higher Hands – Handyman makes wooden decks a cost-effective choice, proving that you can have a fabulous deck without breaking the bank.
    • Trex: Eco-conscious elegance. Trex decks, made from recycled materials, showcase The Higher Hands – Handyman’s commitment to sustainability. Feel good about your deck choice, knowing you’re making an eco-friendly statement.

Deck Builders Debate:

Deck Builders Debate
Deck Builders Debate

In the great deck builders debate, The Higher Hands – Handyman are your Deck Builders, ready to prescribe the perfect solution for your outdoor dreams. So, whether you’re team wood or team Trex, let’s build the deck of your dreams – a deck that’s as fun as it is functional!”

Weather it’s the framing finesse of wooden decks and the modern marvel of Trex decks with The Higher Hands – Handyman’s expert craftsmanship. Say goodbye to slipping concerns with our safety dance tips for both wooden and Trex decks. Experience mold-free magic with sealant secrets for wooden decks and low-maintenance wizardry for Trex decks. Dive into a world of colors with paint-your-dreams wooden decks and hues-that-refuse-to-lose Trex decks. Choose your aesthetic adventure – the authentic experience of wood or the seamless sophistication of Trex, both expertly crafted by The Higher Hands – Handyman… YOUR Deck Builders!

Ready for more info?

Deck Builders
Deck Builders

Ready to build the deck of your dreams? Contact The Higher Hands – Handyman today for a decking experience that’s as fun as it is functional! Whether you’re Team Wood or Team Trex, let’s make your outdoor space the envy of the neighborhood. Your dream deck is just a call away!.

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