Securing Your Garage Door: Tips and Benefits

Securing Your Garage Door: Tips for Enhanced Home Safety

Here at The Higher Hands Handyman, we understand the importance of home security, and your garage door plays a significant role in keeping your property safe. Many homeowners assume that by simply closing the garage door, they’ve locked out potential intruders. While that’s a step in the right direction, there are clever tactics burglars may use to exploit vulnerabilities. In this blog, we’ll share valuable tips on securing your garage door and explain the benefits of doing so.

Benefits of Securing Your Garage Door:


  1. Enhanced Home Security: Protecting your garage door means you’re safeguarding your home and everything inside it.
  2. Peace of Mind: A well-protected garage provides peace of mind, whether you’re away from home or sleeping soundly at night.
  3. Deterrence: A secure garage door acts as a powerful deterrent, making your property less appealing to potential intruders.

A secure door is a thief’s nightmare.

Tips To Secure Your Garage Door:

1. Prevent Fishing: Secure the Emergency Release


At The Higher Hands Handyman, we believe that every detail matters when it comes to home security. Your garage door‘s emergency release mechanism is a crucial element that requires protection.

How to Prevent Fishing:

  • Some openers have tamper-resistant release mechanisms. We recommend these for added security.
  • Reinforce the emergency release mechanism to discourage any fishing attempts.

Ensuring the security of your emergency release mechanism is a simple way deter thieves.

2. Don’t Forget to Close the Door: Install a Garage Door Monitor


Our handyman team knows that one of the most common security oversights is leaving the garage door open. To prevent this mistake, consider installing a garage door monitor.

How to Ensure Your Garage Door Stays Closed:

  • Attach a sensor to the door and place the monitor in a visible spot. This allows you to receive alerts when the garage door is left open.
  • For added convenience and security, our team can install an automatic door closer, ensuring the door closes automatically even when you’re not at home.

Avoiding the common mistake of leaving your garage door open.

3. Don’t Keep the Clicker in Your Car: Protect Your Opener


Leaving your garage door opener in your car is a common habit but a risky one. Thieves can steal it from your vehicle, potentially granting them access to your home.

Programming them into your vehicles remote system is much safer.

Safeguard your garage door opener from theft.

4. Lock Up the Overhead Door: Add an Extra Layer of Security


Our team at The Higher Hands Handyman encourages homeowners to take their garage security seriously. Unplugging the garage door opener when you’re away is a good practice, but physically locking the door is even more effective.

If your garage door doesn’t have a lock, we offer several solutions to help secure your door!

Enhancing the security of your garage.

5. Proper Lighting: Enhanced Visibility and Deterrence


Our handyman team knows the value of proper lighting around your garage. It deters criminals by reducing hiding spots and making your property less attractive as a target.

Consider motion-activated lights to illuminate the area when motion is detected, making it a cost-effective and efficient option.

Enhanced visibility and deterrence.

At The Higher Hands Handyman in Lexington, your home’s security is our top priority. By implementing these tips, you can secure your garage door effectively and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home and belongings are well-protected. Don’t overlook this crucial aspect of home security; take action today to safeguard your property. Our team is here to help you with any garage door security improvements you may need.

No matter what your home project is… BIG or small.
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